Good Morning!

Here we are on semifinal Saturday.  What has been a season of twists and turns comes down to the final four.  Hopefully at this point everyone has a Saturday routine.  While Saturday’s can be consumed by life, hopefully on this Saturday it consists of College GameDay on the television, a fire going and an ice cold beer to celebrate kickoffs at noon.  Now that I am done living in fantasy land, let’s take a look at the matchup’s for this weekend:

#1 Seed: Scott  v  #4 Seed: Gross Jr.

Scott comes in as the powerhouse of the league.  He started off early and never slowed down.  Coming in tied for the best record in the league and having scored the most points, he should be considered the favorite to navigate this thing and win it all.  Looking at the lineup for the week, seems to contain a lot of winners.  USC, Boise State, TCU, Michigan State, Wyoming, Mississippi State and South Alabama should all hold the early edge.  The big question will be if he can sneak a massive win with Michigan or Wake Forest, which would more than likely solidify his week.  On the other side, like I stated last week, not one to speak about my team.  However, I like my lineup this week.  I think there are several winners in there and this matchup should be close and come down to a big game or two.  On my side, if Oregon State starts pulling out wins, I have a feeling it is going to be a solid week.

Prediction:  What kind of limp noodle would I be if I bet against myself?  The underdog advances and plays in a championship!

#2 Seed: AY  v  #6 Seed: Cimorelli

History was made last week as Cim had the highest weekly score in league history.  The point total, 47, landed the underrated six seed comfortably into his semifinal matchup this week.  However this week the matchup’s look to be a bit tougher.  While there look to be plenty of winners on his board there are definitely a couple of key games he should focus on today.  Texas v West Virginia will be important as Cim is starting both today, Duke v Georgia Tech will see if the Blue Devils can upset a well coached Tech team and Tennessee will look to straighten out a disaster of a season and upset LSU.  AY on the other side will roll out a group of power houses with the likes of Wisconsin, Miami (FL) and Notre Dame.  A couple of games that he will need to focus on will be that big Wisconsin matchup against Michigan and Baylor attempting to upset a surprisingly solid Iowa State team.

Prediction:  This is an interesting one.  Both guys have some powerhouse teams playing against lesser opponents, which should rack them up some points.  I think Cim has a bit of a tougher road to travel with some of those lesser teams and for that reason I am going with AY to reach the ship and end Cim’s cinderella story!

Let the fun begin!