That is correct.  While week 11 has begun, only one thing is on the brain of all 12 participating in the homies league….the playoffs.  Looking at the standings, what a mess we have created.  However, before we get into all of the playoff discussion, let’s take a look at how the commish feels about your team.  Here are your power rankings:

Power Rankings

  1. Wells – Record: 5-5 (8th)  Points: 946.4 (11th)

I consider this league to be family.  Other than the fact that I actually have literal family in this league, the members resemble what I consider family.  Luckily, Wells, he is on the verge of adding to his own family.  While there is no word on baby arrival yet, I am sure she will arrive prior to me writing again.  Congrats to Tim and more importantly the MVP, his lovely wife Emily.  We all look forward to meeting that little girl that Dan will refuse to hold.  Now, as far as his team is concerned, things look much better than they did a few weeks prior.  His running backs are starting to show life as Le’Veon Bell is coming back into form and Christian McCaffrey is starting to have the emergence that everyone, especially Wells, was waiting on.  Receiver wise, Wells has done a nice job weathering the storm.  While Beckham saw his season end early and Pryor was a complete bust, Maclin coming back healthy and Robert Woods shining in Los Angeles have been nice compliments to the Wells starting lineup.  Add in the young superstar Evan Engram and there should be no wonder as to why Wells has won three of his last four.  However, I am not sure all of that is enough to overcome the early hole he put himself in to start the season.  At 5-5 I am very intrigued to see if Wells can make a stretch run.

2.  Dan – Record: 5-5 (3rd)  Points: 1,086.2 (2nd)

Boy do I hate having to write this one.  Unfortunately I have to give credit where credit is due.  Dan has the hottest and arguably the scariest team in the league at the moment.  He has Carson Wentz under center, who has turned out to be a fantasy stud.  The pass catchers are among the best with AJ Green, Emmanuel Sanders, Adam Thielen and Rob Gronkowski.  While some of the names here have not necessarily lived up to expectation, you know they are all capable of going crazy on any given Sunday.  That is of course if AJ Green decides not to punch people in the face.  Running back is the concern on this team for me.  Obviously the best thing that happened to Dan’s team was the trade of Adrian Peterson.  The trade allowed both Ingram and Peterson to become feature backs and both have produced in that sense.  However, someone made an excellent point (I believe it was the fantasy experts on the CBS podcast).  One made the mention of the fact that Peterson needed the extra best and that is when he shined the brightest.  Almost how Dylan Bundy was this past season for the Orioles.  On five days rest, pretty good.  On eight days rest, electric.  Same concept for Peterson and the numbers have played out.  Week five, Peterson barely plays for the Saints.  Week six he gets traded and has a monster game but carries the ball 26 times.  Week seven has a dud after all that work.  Week eight they go on bye.  Week nine, post bye, has another monster game but carries the ball 37 times!  Week ten ends up in a complete dud.  One would wonder if Arizona sees this trend and stops leaning so heavily on him or just figures he is their only shot to win and they run him into his career grave.  Running back will be the spot that either gets Dan to a championship or has him out in the first round of the playoffs….if he gets that far.

3.  Gross Jr. – Record: 7-3 (1st)  Points: 1,051.9 (4th)

The Zeke suspension finally happened, question is who fills that spot?  For the record this team has weathered: Zeke suspension, Jay Ajayi trade, Mike Evans suspension and a literal hurricane in week one.  I have no idea what full strength looks like anymore.  Regardless, still enjoy my team.

4.  Mitt – Record: 4-6 (10th)  Points: 1,124.7 (1st)

Normally a 4-6 record would keep you towards the bottom.  However, in this league a 4-6 record keeps you a game out of third place.  We should all quit doing this if we have to tell people those statistics.  With a points against total that does not stick out, it makes you wonder if this is a run of awful luck or if this team cannot figure out a way to stay consistent.  Again, the receivers are as best as they come; DeAndre Hopkins, T.Y. Hilton and Brandin Cooks.  On a side note, should we start having the conversation of DeAndre Hopkins being the best receiver in the league currently?  Look at what he has done with awful quarterback play and then look at how much more he did with quality quarterback play.  I am jumping on that bandwagon, feel free to debate the point.  The quarterback play is consistent with Alex Smith and the running back play gets a big boost with Chris Thompson now that Rob Kelley heads to IR.  One spot that Mitt does need to get hit for is the bench.  Empty bench spot, an extra defense!? Willie Snead! Josh Gordon! What is going on here?!  Mitt clean that bench up! Or as the worst pre-game show of all-time says, “C’mon Man!”

5.  Tagye – Record: 5-5 (4th)  Points: 1,065.2 (3rd)

The curious case of Joe Tagye.  For whatever reason, this team just does not scream out sexy to me.  Consistent, sure I can see that, but sexy? No.  Obviously, a huge part of that feeling is due to the loss of Aaron Rodgers.  With Rodgers slated at QB, I would probably sing a different tune.  The team just seems “okay” to me.  The premier running backs of this team, Lesean McCoy and Lamar Miller, have been consistent but short of four weeks combined have not been stellar.  The receiver group has potential; Sterling Shepard is the featured receiver now, DeVante Parker has been hurt but is now healthy and Tyreek Hill is starting to look like Brandin Cooks 2.0.  My question is, the talent is clearly there, but when will these guys all produce at a high level? And will it be together to win weeks?  The superstar of the team is Travis Kelce, he is a bona fide stud.  I can see this team making the playoffs, maybe even at a high seed….I have a hard time seeing this team win a championship.

6.  Ness – Record: 7-3 (2nd)  Points: 1,024.9 (6th)

In full transparency, I actually forgot that I had not added Ness’ name to the rankings up until this point.  Must be because his team is so forgettable.  7-3.  7-3.  This team has somehow pulled off the record of 7-3.  If Ameer Abdullah, Amari Cooper and Davante Adams get you to 7-3 it is time to play the mega millions, because your odds are good.  I am honestly not sure what to say about this team that I have not already said to Ness while trying to fight off the onslaught of texts I go through on Sunday’s.  The running backs are weak, Abdullah has proved it and I honestly do not believe Kamara can keep up the pace at which he is currently scoring.  The receivers are good.  Amari Cooper is way better than only scoring double digits twice this season.  Maybe the bye week helped him find answers.  Pair him with Antonio Brown and that is a potential dynamic duo.  I worry about the quarterback play, not because they are bad players but Ness has to make the decision every week.  Who the hell would trust that?  Then at tight end, Delanie Walker, which I am not buying.  Currently 11th in tight end scoring.  Behind the likes of Cameron Brate, Jack Doyle and Austin Hooper.  There is no way to predict this team.  Potentially could make a run at a title but I would be shocked.  Sorry Al.

7.  Ryan Scott – Record: 5-5 (5th)  Points: 1,031.8 (5th)

At full strength, this team has serious potential.  Kirk Cousins is a quality fantasy quarterback, in the Jay Gruden offense and with the lack of run game there is unlimited passing potential.  The pass catchers are as good as anyone’s in this league.  Julio Jones, while disappointing thus far this season, will break out at some point.  Crabtree is a redzone monster and Jamison Crowder is starting to get back on track.  Throw in Zach Ertz and that is a nice lineup.  My concern, like many of these other teams, is the running back position.  The biggest question, is Leonard Fournette about to hit that rookie wall?  Fournette went six straight weeks of scoring double digits, five of the six being over 15 points.  Since then, a week out with an injury, a bye week, a week of team suspension and then 17 carries for 33 yards.  Is that a sign of potentially starting to slow down?  Mentally not focused, physically starting to feel the wear and tear of the NFL, makes you wonder.  However, one bright spot that can be found is the fact that Carlos Hyde has quietly produced consistently.  On a 1-9 team, Hyde is currently 9th in scoring for RBs in the league.  That is impressive when you consider their game trend of being behind and having to throw the football.  While he has been a nice surprise, between Fournette and the new addition of Samaje Perine there is cause for concern.  Perine is now the lead back in Washington, which is not his first trial run.  Earlier in the year with Kelley injured, Perine got a shot to be the lead back…and he looked dreadful.  He will get that chance again, but I cannot see any drastic change.  This team will find its way into the top six.  Not sure how, but they will get to the dance.  In the dance, I do think this team has a potential to make a run.  The potential will all fall on Ryan Scott’s ability to navigate this running back core.

8.  Alex Smith – Record: 3-7 (12th)  Points: 970.7 (9th)

There is a firm chance that I just do not understand fantasy football anymore.  Obviously I don’t think that is the case but it is possible.  The roster for Alex Smith is certainly much better than 3-7, however when you are first in points against, that is probably how you wind up in this predicament.  Russell Wilson is 3rd amongst QBs in league scoring,  Jordan Howard is 14th amongst RBs in league scoring, Michael Thomas is 11th amongst WRs in league scoring and Jared Cook is 9th amongst TEs in league scoring.  The problem is you have to start two RBs, two WRs and a flex.  That is where this team has struggled.  Again, the biggest decision that Smith will end up having, and I am going to keep mentioning it because it amazes me how this guy just ruins fantasy teams; is the drafting of Jordan Reed in the fourth round.  25th in TE scoring, the oft injured tight end was supposed to be a staple in the lineup for Smith.  Instead, it cost him the opportunity to draft DeAndre Hopkins who is 1st in WR scoring.  Unfortunately for Smith, he cannot live in the past and it seems like he will have to look forward to the 2018 season as 3-7, even with a 3 game win streak, probably will not be enough to see the postseason.

9.  Stumpf – Record: 5-5 (6th)  Points: 1,014.9 (7th)

The reason Stumpf falls to 9th here is because it is hard to get a feel for this team.  Loaded with a roster of familiar names, it has to feel like a rather disappointing result, except for the fact that he stole Rohde’s Gurley.  Like previously stated, the roster looks incredible but has yet to truly deliver.  Brady has been Brady, always consistent.  Gurley has been the MVP of this team and perhaps even the league?  Another fun one to debate.  However, that is sort of where the train stops.  What happened to Dez Bryant?  Have the injuries finally caught up with Keenan Allen?  Why do the Chargers hate Hunter Henry so much when he is clearly the better tight end (huge coming from an Antonio Gates guy)? Should Alshon Jeffery still be considered a premier receiver in a pass happy offense?  These are all questions I ask when looking at Stumpf’s team and try to figure out why it feels so flat.  I’m waiting to see that explosive week where I can make sense of the roster.  Until then, I have to sit here and ponder if Stumpf will figure his way into the top six.

10.  Gross Sr. – Record: 5-5 (9th)  Points: 904.6 (12th)

Again, to me, this seems like a team that is under performing the expectations.  A team that looks to have good depth at all the skill positions and somehow has managed to wind up last in points?  The more you evaluate the more that the evidence is probably obvious however.  The Falcons offense seems to be a shell of itself from a year ago.  Larry Fitzgerald and Jarvis Landry have both had awful quarterback play.  Marshawn Lynch should have stayed retired.  The Tampa Bay Bucs are awful, leaving no reason to run the ball with Doug Martin and confirming the curse of Hard Knocks.  To put the icing on the cake Greg Olsen is busy stealing Vikings’ plays from the booth and not playing football.  What looked to be a potential playoff team has turned into a mess and Gross Sr. will certainly need a three game win streak, or as close to it as he can get, to find himself dancing in the postseason with that new hip.

11.  Rohde – Record: 5-5 (7th)  Points: 977.6 (8th)

Interchange these two last teams however you find necessary.  They both stink.  What blows my mind more than Ness’ 7-3 team is Rohde’s 5-5 team with that lineup.  He should change his team profile picture from the beautiful nothingness he has currently to a picture of Pepe Le Pew.  Backup running backs starting, keeping Doug Baldwin, this thing is just a complete mess.  He gets 11th because his record is one game better than Smith’s.

12.  Ryan Smith – Record: 4-6 (11th)  Points: 953.9 (10th)

See #11 and repeat.


Down to the last three weeks of the regular season, the same thought must be on everyone’s mind:  Am I going to make the playoffs?  For half of us that answer will be yes, for the other half, are you kidding me?  Here is where we stand:

  • Ness and Gross Jr. currently sit a top the league and have a small amount of breathing space.  Currently they have to be considered the favorites to work their way into first round byes.
  • Then things get messy.  Seven teams sit at 5-5: Dan, Tagye, Ryan Scott, Stumpf, Rohde, Wells and Gross Sr.  The great part is six of them play one another this week, making this week monumental.  Those matchups include: Dan v Stumpf, Gross Sr. v Rohde and Wells v Tagye.  After this week we should have some more answers and some guys in full blown panic mode.
  • Then we have Mitt and Ryan Smith who both sit at 4-6.  Each has a chance to climb back into things as they play someone who is higher in the standings then themselves.
  • Rounding it out, unfortunately for Alex Smith, is Alex Smith.  At 3-7 every game is now a must win.

Good luck this weekend fellas.