Ten weeks have passed.  Aside from odd scoring, a behind the eight ball commissioner and games that either lived up to the hype or let us down tremendously; here we are starting our inaugural playoffs.  First thing first, congratulations to the six that made the playoffs: Scott, AY, Rager, Gross Jr., Gross Sr. and Cimorelli.  Another hats off to Scott and AY who earned their way to a week off by way of a first round bye.  Unfortunately for Ryan Smith and T-Bone their season has ended.  So, this leaves us with two playoff matchups for the week.

#3 – Rager (6-4)  v  #6 – Cimorelli (4-5-1)

Rager enters the postseason as our three seed.  He earned the seed turning in a 6-4 record and scoring 283 points, which was third highest in the league.  His opponent, Cimorelli, is coming in as the scariest six seed in NCAA league history!  Jokes aside, he has yet to lose since week seven and enters with a 4-5-1 record and scoring 267 points, which marks as fifth in the league.

As the three seed, Rager has powered his way through the league via his Big Ten and ACC powerhouses.  A team highlighted by Penn State, Clemson, Virginia Tech, Iowa and Northwestern, Rager has a squad worthy of competing for a championship.  On the other side of the coin, Cimorelli can talk your ear off about Big XII and MAC football this season.  A nice blend of big and small, Cimorelli features teams such as: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, Memphis and Ohio and should not be overlooked this postseason.

This matchup is super intriguing.  The curious part will be how everyone, not just these guys, handle submitting the lineup.  Will people go for guaranteed wins for smaller points or take bigger chances on high risk plays for big points?  This matchup fits that fascinating mold to the tee.  Both have several options early in the week, which could result in smaller or larger plays come Saturday.  While Cim picked up a win last night with Miami (OH), Rager and Cim both have a play this evening.  Going forward both have available plays on Thursday and Friday, so I am super intrigued to see how each handles their lineup.  I suppose, as a good commissioner, I should not make a prediction.  I also suppose that as a subpar writer, not making a prediction would be incredibly boring.

This is going to be a tight matchup, but there are a couple of key games that this will come down to in deciding a result.  The Oklahoma State and Oklahoma games will make the difference here.  Two tough match-ups, but with potential to score serious points.  My prediction is that Cimorelli pulls out a win, despite the fact that Rager has a great week.

#4 – Gross Jr. (5-4-1)  v  #5 – Gross Sr. (5-5)

These reviews are always difficult.  While my attempt is to always stay fair and balanced, I cannot help but feel like a moron when I write a review about how I expect to win on my website and then ask people to read the article.  Sounds like a horrific guy that nobody would want to drink a few beers with, right?  Instead I will use this opportunity to talk about the joy I got when writing the matchup headliner, I get to square off against Dad.

For me, as I am sure most, sports were introduced and supported by Dad, which is nothing to take away from Mom because she was there every step of the way, no doubt.  However, most know that there is a special bond between father and son over love of sport.  Fortunately for me, I got the luxury experience.  Dad was there for every soccer game, basketball game or baseball game, 99.9% of the time in the coaches’ box.  We went, and still go, to Orioles games, Ravens game, etc.  Clearly some of my fondest memories.  However, what may still stand as the best for me and worst choice by him was the decision to allow me into his fantasy football league when I was about twelve.  Congrats pops, this is the monster you have created.  Regardless, I am thankful, because now I continue to share those fantasy conversations with him on a weekly basis, 18 years later.  Funny how it turns out that we will have to have that awkward, “Hey, you know we are playing each other conversation this week?”  And as I am convinced that over the years he has taken it easy on me when it comes to our head to head matches, I am thankful that we get to do it once again.  Good luck this weekend Dad….I hope you lose.

My prediction is this: at some point on Saturday we will have our traditional weekend conversation about what our weekend activities include, which games we are watching and which stupid decisions we made in our fantasy life.

There you have it, only taking me a regular season to get sappy.  Best of luck to the first four this weekend, hopefully we get some exciting matches.