Just like that we are looking at November.  What a great time of year.  November brings about the start of the best holidays on the calendar.  More importantly, fantasy football inches closer to playoff relevance.  While the degens league has no true playoff format, with each weekly elimination that sense of playoff urgency grows.  Elimination not only took another team this week, but also another owner.  So what happened?

  1. Gross Jr. Team 2 – 125.9
  2. Ness Team 2 – 108.1
  3. Stumpf Team 2 – 93.5
  4. GDoc Team 1 – 91.6
  5. GDoc Team 2 – 86.1
  6. Gross Jr. Team 1 – 83.5
  7. Ness Team 1 – 83.1
  8. Cimorelli Team 2 – 76.9
  9. T-Bone Team 1 – Eliminated
  10. Stumpf Team 1 – Eliminated
  11. T-Bone Team 2 – Eliminated
  12. Gross Sr. Team 2 – Eliminated
  13. Gross Sr. Team 1 – Eliminated
  14. Cassity Team 1 – Eliminated
  15. Cimorelli Team 1 – Eliminated
  16. Cassity Team 2 – Eliminated

Sadly for Cim, his degens season is now cut short.  As is apparent, it was a tough week for the degens league; with bye weeks taking their toll on rosters, the majority of the league had a tough time eclipsing 95 points.  Now down to the final two weeks of teams receiving their bye week, it will be interesting to see how each manager maintains his roster hoping to avoid elimination.  Our strange year continues as Cimorelli’s exit counts as our fourth owner eliminated on the season.  With only four members remaining, this season is truly unique as we have never gone this far into the year with three members still carrying two squads.

Gross Jr. – 2 Teams Remaining

Ness – 2 Teams Remaining

GDoc – 2 Teams Remaining

Stumpf – 1 Team Remaining

Waiver Wire

There have been 144 NFL players that have been removed from potential fantasy play due to team elimination in the degens league.  As one could assume, that virtually leaves the waiver wire to be a ghost town.  While there have been a couple of big weeks where new starting position players have emerged, those are few and far between the regular picking up of a kicker or defense.  So, with that, the waiver wire segment will go into retirement until the opportunity presents itself to talk about significant waiver news.

Only six more eliminations until we crown a 2017 champion.  Things will get interesting now.