Eight weeks are in the books and we are no closer to a resolution.  Amazing.  Week eight saw the bottom half of the standings rise up and get some key wins, only to make the playoff picture even more murky.  Now, here we are in week nine and not one playoff spot is determined nor one person eliminated, although T-Bone is dancing the finest line.  Week nine starts tonight, so what do we need to know?  Let’s check it out:


Eastern Michigan (Gross Sr) @ Northern Illinois (Rager) – 7:00 PM

Toledo (Scott) @ Ball State (Gross Sr) – 7:00 PM  ESPN 3

South Alabama (Scott) @ Georgia State (Gross Jr) – 7:30 PM  ESPNU

Stanford (AY) @ Oregon State (Gross Jr) – 9:00 PM  ESPN

*Note these are just who has these teams, this is no referendum on whether they are starting them this week or not.  I’d rather talk about the playoffs.


Tulane (Scott) @ Memphis (Cim) – 8:00 PM  CBS Sports Network

Florida State (T-Bone) @ Boston College (Rager) – 8:00 PM  ESPN

Tulsa (T-Bone) @ SMU (T-Bone) – 9:00 PM  ESPN 2

This is how our week starts, but what about the playoffs??


  • Nobody can clinch the 1 seed after this week.  While AY would be the closest with a win the fact that Rager and Scott play one another guarantees at least one of the 5-3 seed teams gets a win or a tie.
  • The 2 seed, the other playoff bye spot, is wide open.  It gets messy but since, once again, Scott and Rager face off this week, the most likely candidates are Scott, Rager, Gross Sr or Gross Jr.  Points will most likely play a factor in this one.
  • Again, seeds 3, 4, 5 and 6 are all the way open.  At the moment the competition looks like it is a seven man race for six spots.  Points will no doubt be a factor in determining who gets in and who stays out.
  • Elimination wise, things are also interesting.  Week ten carries a black cloud over Ryan Smith and Cim as they face one another in what looks like it will most likely be an elimination match.
  • T-Bone is hanging onto the thinnest of twines.  In order for T-Bone to get in, Ryan Smith must both lose this week and then tie next week.  On top of that, T-Bone must win both weeks and score a mountain of points to overcome his deficit.  He has some serious work to do.
  • Gross Jr. also has to feel some heat underneath his feet as he sits at 4-4 and is only 1 game ahead of the elimination window.

Schedule this week:

If most weeks have steered you towards simply paying attention to your own teams, this is the time to pay attention to every lineup in the league.  This week will be the most crucial week of our season as it is moving week.  We will most certainly punch some playoff tickets by Sunday morning.

T-Bone  v  Cim:

This one is crucial for T-Bone.  On the other end, this is also crucial for Cim.  Either way someone is working their way a step closer to getting out of the cellar and closer to a playoff birth.

AY  v  Gross Sr:

On the other end of the spectrum, AY and Gross Sr. will be working towards battling for that first or second seed and securing a bye in the first round of the playoffs.  The top half will certainly want to pay attention to this matchup.

Rager  v  Scott:

One of these guys will push towards a bye and the other will most likely be starting to prepare themselves for their first week playoff matchup.  A lot at stake in this one.

Ryan Smith  v  Gross Jr:

An intriguing one for sure.  Ryan Smith is looking to climb an inch closer to a playoff bid and Gross Jr is trying to keep his head above water and avoid falling into the elimination conversation and rather locking up a playoff spot.

Week 9 is here and it is important.  Better check those lineups with a fine tooth comb and hope that you picked ten winners.  Good luck to everyone on moving week.