The degens league has hit a yearly milestone.  Every year the degens league has several milestones that have to be checked off, things such as; the first man eliminated, the week where every member has lost at least one team, the final three and the one we just hit…the single digits.  That is correct, we are through seven weeks, which means seven eliminations and only nine, count them, nine teams remaining in the degens league.  Let’s check the scores first:

  1. Gross Jr. Team 2 – 127.1
  2. Cimorelli Team 2 – 126.8
  3. Ness Team 2 – 126.4
  4. Ness Team 1 – 101.8
  5. GDoc Team 1 – 89.5
  6. Gross Jr. Team 1 – 79.8
  7. GDoc Team 2 – 78.5
  8. Stumpf Team 2 – 72.1
  9. T-Bone Team 1 – 65.2
  10. Stumpf Team 1 – 60.4
  11. T-Bone Team 2 – Eliminated
  12. Gross Sr. Team 2 – Eliminated
  13. Gross Sr. Team 1 – Eliminated
  14. Cassity Team 1 – Eliminated
  15. Cimorelli Team 1 – Eliminated
  16. Cassity Team 2 – Eliminated

After a week where a score of 82 got you eliminated, this week, half the scores were under 80 points and Stumpf took the hit by only being able to put a 60 on the board.  The amazing part is that T-Bone decided to play 3 guys with bye weeks and still was able to amass a 65, which was enough to survive elimination.  The beauty of the degens league.  We move ahead to week eight and here is how things are slimming down.

Gross Jr. – 2 Teams Remaining

Ness – 2 Teams Remaining

GDoc – 2 Teams Remaining

Stumpf – 1 Team Remaining

Cim – 1 Team Remaining

T-Bone – 1 Team Remaining

Waiver Wire

Sadly this segment might be dying a slow death.  As we creep closer towards the finish line of the league, which looks odd to type since we are only about half way through, but the waiver wire gets to be slim pickings.  While teams get eliminated, players become “dead” in the league, for those not in the know.  Leaving us a very defunct, ugly waiver wire.  As a result, there is not much to review.  A couple of QBs, a few defenses and Dwayne Washington to try and capitalize on Marshawn being gone for the week.

Onto week 8 to see who staves off elimination.  Good luck boys.