Week seven is set to begin.  Looking at the schedule, the teams at the top will be mostly squaring off with the teams fighting to get out of the bottom, so the question must be asked….is this separation week?  So how does the week start? Let’s check it out.


South Alabama (Scott)  @  Troy (Cim) –  8:00 PM  ESPN2

Not sure if Scott is going to want to make a play here after seeing Troy defeat LSU, but that is enough for Cimorelli to roll them out this evening.


Texas State (T-Bone)  @  Louisiana Lafayette (T-Bone) –  7:30 PM  ESPNU

This one looks ugly on paper, however it is a conference game.  T-Bone has both teams so it will be interesting to see if he makes a play or if he decides to sit this one out completely.


Clemson (Rager)  @  Syracuse (Ryan Smith) –  7:00 PM  ESPN

Clemson is looking like a train that cannot slow down so it is easy to think Rager will be inserting them into his week seven lineup.  On the other hand, Syracuse seems to be up and down, although last week they picked up a nice win against Pittsburgh.  Ryan Smith has an interesting choice to make.

Washington State (Ryan Smith)  @  California (Rager) –  10:30 PM  ESPN

A potential busy Friday for both Ryan Smith and Rager.  Both having a powerhouse where the assumption is that they will be in the respective starting lineups.  Each also has a bit of an underdog that they would have to be willing to take a chance on.  We will see what happens.

Week 7 Team(s) to Watch

I have missed this segment for the past few weeks so I will talk about a couple of fresh squads for week seven.  The first would be a team I have actually seen play recently, Miami (FL).  Mark Richt quietly has the Hurricanes 4-0 and looking like the successful teams of old.  While it has not been the toughest schedule, this team certainly looks legitimate.  The offense, led by quarterback Malik Rosier has been fantastic.  Rosier, in my opinion, looks like the real deal.  A big, physical QB that has looked rather accurate every time I have tuned in to watch them play.  The defense has been a bit puzzling, always looking like they are taking a step forward before taking two steps back.  They have some fun games coming up, Georgia Tech this week and then in November they get their toughest tests as they go back to back with Virginia Tech and Notre Dame.  Rosier is worth putting in the time to watch, especially with those key games coming up in the near future.

The other team I wanted to mention in this was Texas Tech.  Now, I have not actually had the opportunity to watch the Red Raiders but after the latest poll came out ranking them at 24, consider me intrigued.  Texas Tech is currently 4-1 with their only loss coming on a tight one to Oklahoma State.  While most predicted this team would be in the 4-6 win range, they already have four.  One thing I know is that when watching the Red Raiders I will be highly entertained as they are purely offense.  This week will be a good one to tune in as they head into West Virginia.

That is what I got for you to start week 7.  Best of luck as we get started.