We are now through five weeks of our fantasy season and we are in the midst of witnessing history.  Though the Degens league has a brief three year history, never have we seen not one but two participants exit this early in the season.  That is correct, week five resulted in the second elimination, Gross Sr.  Let’s see what went wrong:


  1.  GDoc Team 2 – 138.0
  2.  Gross Jr. Team 1 – 122.0
  3.  Gross Jr. Team 2 – 109.8
  4.  Cimorelli Team 2 – 106.2
  5.  Stumpf Team 2 – 103.4
  6.  GDoc Team 1 – 101.3
  7.  Stumpf Team 1 – 96.5
  8.  T-Bone Team 1 – 92.3
  9.  Ness Team 1 – 77.6
  10.  T-Bone Team 2 – 77.0
  11.  Ness Team 2 – 73.5
  12.  Gross Sr. Team 2 – 70.4
  13.  Gross Sr. Team 1 – Eliminated
  14.  Cassity Team 1 – Eliminated
  15.  Cimorelli Team 1 – Eliminated
  16.  Cassity Team 2 – Eliminated

Week five resulted in quite the week.  For the first time in history it resulted in a team owner, Gross Sr., being eliminated in back to back weeks.  The amazing part was that T-Bone ran a team out that had both a QB and K on bye, his other team had a WR on bye and he still advanced.  Bold strategy.  As the scores showed, this was the first week in a few where we had multiple team owners in a real sweat.  T-Bone, both of the Ness teams and Gross Sr. were all separated by 7.6 points.  The excruciating part for Gross Sr. is that if he would have replaced Terrance Williams for Eric Decker, it would have added four points to his score and would have had Ness take a back seat for the week.  However, Gross Sr. falls and is now the second man eliminated from the degens league.  So what is the outlook now?

Eleven teams remain.  Five of the six remaining owners have two squads still alive, so if there was no interest in the degens league before, there better be some interest now.  What is left?

Gross Jr. – 2 Teams Remaining

Stumpf – 2 Teams Remaining

Ness – 2 Teams Remaining

T-Bone – 2 Teams Remaining

GDoc – 2 Teams Remaining

Cimorelli – 1 Team Remaining


Waiver Wire

For the first time in a few weeks we had a bit of excitement on the waiver wire.  There were eight transactions that took place overnight.

Marlon Mack:  Winning Bid – $7  Winner – Ness

I am surprised Marlon Mack went so under the radar.  In a 16 team league with players falling out of the playing universe on a weekly basis, this pickup should be considered a steal.  It slowly looks as if Mack is headed towards the starting role and Frank Gore is becoming the cagey vet.  Will this leapfrog Ness for the rest of the season?  We will see.

Other Bids:  GDoc ($5)

Trevor Siemian:  Winning Bid – $3  Winner – GDoc

It is amazing what a precedence must be set on such a low scoring position in this league.  Quarterbacks are a commodity in this league, not because of their scoring prowess, but rather because of the limited number of options.  With 16 teams in the mix, each owner essentially drafting two quarterbacks to their team, that means all 32 starting options are taken to start the season.  When a starting QB hits the market and there is a need, you absolutely grab him, which is exactly what GDoc did.  I will say, it has been fascinating to watch the trend of the bids from the first week.  Since this is a weekly elimination, I am surprised the bids have been so low after week one.  Curious to see if everyone is waiting to see if they get further down the elimination to start spending serious money.

Other Bids:  Stumpf ($1)

Outside of these two there were no other competing waiver plays, but here is what else happened:

Zach Miller:  Winning Bid – $5  Winner – Gross Jr.

Redskins D/SPT:  Winning Bid – $3  Winner – Gross Jr.

Giorgio Tavecchio:  Winning Bid – $3  Winner – Gross Jr.

George Kittle:  Winning Bid – $3  Winner – Ness

Joe Flacco:  Winning Bid – $1  Winner – Stumpf

Dustin Hopkins:  Winning Bid – $1  Winner – Ness

Five down, ten more to go until we crown a degens champion.