Week 6 is complete and boy is there drama.  The week started off with an electric crowd in Raleigh witnessing Lamar Jackson look human as the Wolfpack of N.C. State won a small upset against Louisville.  From there, the top teams continued to struggle throughout the weekend, including some shocking upsets costing teams like Oklahoma a potential shot at the college football playoffs.  However, we are here to talk about what happened in our fantasy league.

AY  v  Cimorelli

After starting 0-2-1, AY has been on fire and this week was no different.  While AY ended with a massive week, he definitely had to sweat out a few results as he saw a couple of late touchdowns to win ball games with Stanford and Miami (FL), which contributed 19 of his 42 points scored!  Outside of those two, AY picked up two other nice wins with Wisconsin (8) and Texas Tech (5).  These were more than enough to pick up his third straight win.  On Cim’s side of the coin it was a tough day as his roster really let him down.  Starting with the mind blowing loss from Oklahoma to Iowa State which cost him 5 points.  However, the biggest bout of frustration had to come from the West Virginia game as the Mountaineers were trying to put together a game tying drive when they got hit with a more than questionable offensive pass interference call, which ultimately railroaded their comeback and cost Cim 10 points.  Chip in Duke not showing up in Virginia, which cost 6 points and then making the last minute switch from Central Michigan to Ohio only to see Central Michigan win the game and cough up 5 points.  These four games would have switched a loss to a one point win.  Frustrating.

AY – 42  v  Cimorelli – 17

AY is off to try and continue his hot streak against Gross Jr. and Cimorelli will be looking to get back on track against Scott.


Gross Sr  v  Scott

Wow did this one end up having some serious intrigue.  The matchup between Gross Sr. and Scott actually came down to two very important games that had serious point implications on the line.  The marquee match for Gross Sr. was the LSU/Florida game.  LSU had looked just awful prior to this game, even losing a game to Troy last week.  Meanwhile, it looked like Florida had started to figure out the QB situation and had put some of the off the field nonsense behind them.  Just like that, LSU stormed in Gator country and picked up a one point win.  The win was huge for Gross Sr. as it picked up 11 points, which was monumental in a 10 point victory.  Scott had to be on the other side shaking his head as there was an 11 point victory sitting on his bench.  That’s correct, Michigan State once again had the Wolverine fans questioning Jim Harbaugh as he is now 1-4 against the Spartans.  If Scott made the switch he would have pulled off the one point victory.

Gross Sr. – 39  v  Scott – 29

Gross Sr. is off to face a surging Ryan Smith squad while Rager will try to avoid being T-Bone’s first win of the season.


Gross Jr.  v  T-Bone

Unfortunately for T-Bone there is not much to write about in this matchup.  T-Bone’s roster really let him down this week as he dropped 8 of his 10 matches.  Gross Jr. on the other hand was able to pick up five wins of 6 points or more and was able to cruise into a win for the week.

Gross Jr. – 38  v  T-Bone – 8

Gross Jr. and AY will look to snap one another’s three game win streaks and T-Bone will regroup to try and take down Rager with his first win of the year.


Ryan Smith  v  Rager

What a week for these two.  Both guys combined for a 16-4 record, each winning 8 games this week.  Also, both were able to plateau the 30 point mark, scoring a combined 81 points, very impressive.  Ryan Smith had a monster week, picking up big roads win, most notably; Alabama (8), Washington State (8) and Colorado State (6).  He also picked up a couple of surprise wins with Houston (6) and Syracuse (5).  This led the storm of a 46 point week, the highest score we have seen all year, topping his own 44 point record setting week five.  For Rager, tough to run up against that as he still had a 35 point week.  Looking at his roster, not much else could have been done.  The two spots that stand out have to be Virginia sitting on the bench, missing out on seven points and Minnesota falling off a cliff the last two week, those two alone would have flipped the script.

Ryan Smith – 46  v  Rager – 35

We have six weeks in the books and wow is this a tight race.  Let’s look at the playoff race.

1st Round Bye:  The top two seeds are up for grabs.  Four teams; Gross Jr., Scott, Rager and Gross Sr. all hold 4-2 records.  AY is right on the heels at 3-2-1, this will be a fun one to watch shake out.

3 & 4 Seeds:  More than likely two of the above mentioned five will fill out these seeds.  While Ryan Smith and Cimorelli are not out of that position at 2-4, they need to get to work with only four games left to go.

5 & 6 Seeds:  This one is interesting.  The top five will more than likely be running into one another within the last four weeks with only eight teams in the league, which will ultimately bring some back to the pack.  Cimorelli and Ryan Smith, both 2-4, are right in the thick of things and actually play one another in week ten, potential storyline setting up?  T-Bone, yet to be mentioned is not out of the equation.  He is 0-5-1, while that looks grim, four wins could completely turn things on their head.

Week seven fun gets started tomorrow night.  Let everyone’s playoff sweat begin!!