Amazingly enough, one month of football has passed.  While the focus has seemingly been on anything but the games, we are going to stick to what matters.  Degens history was made in the first three weeks of the 2017 season and to cap the month off we saw a real Monday night sweat.  The end result left Gross Sr. in the hospital, not due to the game but rather a new left hip, and has given him even less to do in recovery now as he loses his first team in the degens league.  The scoring broke down like so:

1.  Ness Team 2 – 128.6

2.  GDoc Team 1 – 114.8

3.  T-Bone Team 1 – 114

4.  Cim Team 2 – 111.4

5.  Stumpf Team 1 – 106.5

6.  Gross Jr Team 2 – 104.6

7.  Gross Sr Team 2 – 101.7

8.  Stumpf Team 2 – 99.8

9.  T-Bone Team 2 – 98.6

10.  Gross Jr Team 1 – 95.8

11.  Ness Team 1 – 90.3

12.  GDoc Team 2 – 76.7

13.  Gross Sr Team 1 – 74.2

14.  Cassity Team 1 – Eliminated

15.  Cim Team 1 – Eliminated

16.  Cassity Team 2 – Eliminated

As you can see it really came down to Gross Sr. and GDoc sweating out the Monday night matchup as 11 out of the remaining 13 scored over 90 points.  In the end, GDoc got enough out of Tyreek Hill to get the two and a half point edge.  This week the fun will begin as the bye weeks kick in and the remaining twelve teams will test how well they drafted and hit the waiver wire.  Speaking of….(look at that segue)

Waiver Wire

There were ten waiver transactions that took place this week, however, the week still felt lackluster as not one winning bid had a single competing bid.  Either we have some seriously confident GMs or the waiver wire is that short of riches.  For those not in the know of the degenerates league, once your team is eliminated, your roster is deemed the same, so the waiver pool shrinks even further, hence the beauty of navigating a championship in these dense waters.  Anyway, this week will be another short recap as there is no sense in breaking down the waiver wire as we have in the past.

Wayne Gallman:  Winning Bid – $20  Winner – GDoc

Aaron Jones:  Winning Bid – $20  Winner – GDoc

Will Fuller V:  Winning Bid – $5  Winner – Ness

DeShone Kizer:  Winning Bid – $5  Winner – Stumpf

The remaining six bids were all under $5 and rather irrelevant.  Quickly; $3 – Ben Watson (Ness), Austin Seferian-Jenkins (Cim), $2 – Bills D/SPT (Ness), $1 – JuJu Smith-Schuster (Gross Jr.), Lions D/SPT (Cim), Jake Elliott (Cim).

There you have it, the first month is complete.  What will October bring? We start to find out tonight!