Amazingly enough it is the eve of week five in the NCAA fantasy league.  While there are still six spots up for the playoffs, things are about to get tense.  The weekend is chock full of quality games for your Saturday delight, however, the weekday games are certainly nothing to scoff at, so let’s check it out.


Texas (Cim) @ Iowa State (Gross Sr) – 8:00 PM  ESPN

The league schedule just went out so there is no word on a play yet but it will be interesting to see if either takes a chance on a win in this game.  Texas just came off a brutal loss at USC and Iowa State is 2-1 with that one loss coming from a three point battle with Iowa.  This should be a fun one to watch.


Miami (FL) (AY) @ Duke (Cim) – 7:00 PM  ESPN

Where this should be a win for Miami, it is no guarantee as Duke is quietly 4-0.  Granted, the competition has not been the stiffest for the Blue Devils, how hard can you knock an undefeated record.  This is a great appetizer for the main course on Friday night.

Nebraska (Scott) @ Illinois (Gross Jr) – 8:00 PM  FS1

This game has intrigue and for all the wrong reasons.  Each program is towards the bottom of the Big Ten, Nebraska looks like they are spiraling down to the bottom while Illinois is trying to fight their way out.  Mike Riley could be fighting for his job in this one.  I also have on good authority that Gross Jr. will be spicing up this matchup by making a play with the Illini.

BYU (AY) @ Utah State (Ryan Smith) – 8:00 PM  CBS Sports Network

Unfortunately there is not much to write about in this game.  This should be a BYU win through and through.  Not to mention, with the conference games taking place surrounding this game, is this really worth flipping the channel to this one?

USC (Scott) @ Washington State (Ryan Smith) – 10:30 PM  ESPN

It is a travesty that the time slot for this game is a Friday night at 10:30 PM.  Does this not have the writing on the wall as one of the best games of the year?  One of the pre-season favorites, USC, is headed to Washington State, who is surging up the polls and now resides at sixteenth.  Mike Leach, the head coach of the Cougars, already started the poster board material by saying he did not think that Sam Darnold was ready for the NFL.  It is a shame that the majority of the population will just let this game go without notice because this is setup to be a fun game.  I certainly know one individual who will be on the couch with his dogs, drinking a beer and tuning in.

Week five is going to be awesome!  Five intriguing games during the week to get the excitement ramped up and then the full slate set to roll out on Saturday.  How can you not LOVE IT!?