Other than the feature name of Richard Simmons’ workout tapes, by the way thanks Mom as those VHS tapes will forever be burned into my memory due to your living room workouts when I was a child.  Childhood haunts aside, the old reliable teams that we have come to love were anything but reliable this week.  However, week four was an exciting one as far as the fantasy league is concerned with three of the four matchups decided by 3 points or less.  So what happened?

Gross Jr  v  Gross Sr

In the “blowout” of the week, Gross Jr. secured a ten point win with some big conference victories.  The big win for the week for Gross Jr. was having N.C. State go down to Florida State and handle a rusty looking Seminoles.  While that notched him ten points, he also picked up eight point wins with Washington going on the road against an underrated Colorado team and Georgia who proved how legit their team looks with a thrashing of a red hot Mississippi State team.  On the flip side, Gross Sr. hit eight games for the week, however, too many small plays end up costing him the week.  With only three games that earned him six points or more, Gross Jr. had five.  Gross Sr. still had a strong week, scoring 31 points.  Nice wins with Utah, San Diego State and Arizona State were great but just not enough.

Gross Jr. – 41  v  Gross Sr. – 31

Next week will be a battle for the Grossnickle clan.  Gross Jr. will look to separate from Cimorelli in a battle of the 2-2 squads and Gross Sr. will have a face off of the 3-1 teams against Rager.


T-Bone  v  Scott

This one started off a little bumpy but eventually smoothed itself out and ended with an exciting finish.  T-Bone had his early struggles, losing with Florida State and just missing out on the UMass upset.  As the day went on he straightened out picking up nice wins with Florida, Texas A&M in a double OT thriller and UCF giving a bit of a surprise to Maryland.  However, unfortunately those efforts came up short as the nightcap saw him drop a couple of tough conference battles with Colorado and Air Force.  Switching over to Scott’s side, boy did our last undefeated man breathe a huge sigh of relief.  The week started ugly with Virginia stunning his Boise State Broncos on Friday night.  Then on Saturday nothing got easier when Michigan saw their starting quarterback leave the game in the first quarter, Mississippi State have a no show against Georgia and Coastal Carolina, giving him the biggest scare as they actually cost him five points in an FCS loss.  Despite all the turbulence, his roster figured it out as USC and Michigan headlined his winning week with eight and seven points respectively.  Followed up by Nebraska, Navy, Wyoming and Wake Forest all chipping in with four points a piece.  The game ended in a three point victory, but say that Coastal Carolina game would have stuck and UMass completes the upset against Tennessee, boy is Scott shaking his head at that scenario.

T-Bone – 23  v  Scott – 26

Like every other week, Scott will continue to try and keep this win streak alive as he matches up with AY in week five and T-Bone will be off to figure some things out against Ryan Smith.


AY  v  Ryan Smith

What a contest between these two!  One point decided this matchup and perhaps even one game where each had rooting interest.  Both dropped multiple games, AY dropping four and Smith dropping five, but some nice wins kept them in this tight one.  AY had a nice six point win with Stanford beating UCLA and then a couple of solid four point wins with Notre Dame and Miami (FL).  On the flip side, Ryan Smith had a couple of power house SEC wins with Alabama picking up eight points and Auburn picking up five.  Chip ins from Utah State, four points, and Louisiana Monroe, three points almost got Smith to the victory.  However, the game that separated the matchup was the Texas Tech/Houston game.  The actual game came down to a field goal difference but was never really in doubt for Texas Tech.  With Houston chasing points the entire game, the last ditch touchdown and resulting onside kick were just not enough to win Smith the week.  The result was AY getting five points for the win and ultimately, more importantly, winning the fantasy week.

AY – 22  v  Ryan Smith – 21


Cimorelli  v  Rager

Another close one that came down to the wire.  For me, this match game down to three key points.  One, Oklahoma State most likely cost themselves any shot of a national championship playoff bid as they could not defend home field and cost Cim a potential five points with a loss against TCU.  Two, Cimorelli took a chance with four of his teams who were playing one another in two separate matchups, Duke/UNC and Miami(OH)/Cent. Michigan.  Three, Trace McSorley stepped up in the big time.  After a year of somewhat questionable, and expected freshman play in the fourth quarter of games, McSorley finally made a play with the game on the line.  While many still questioned his play throughout the game, McSorley made the play when it mattered and earned Rager eight points and a happy Nittany Lions win.  The eight points vaulted Rager into the win column by two.  What a night.

Cimorelli – 27  v  Rager – 29

The excitement has just begun.  While nobody is out of this race yet, we are looking down the barrel of the half way point in this fantasy season.  Things are about to get intense!