Much like the title of this article, the degenerates league is now navigating uncharted waters.  For the first time in the short three year history of the degens league, we have lost a member of the league prior to bye weeks taking place.  In 2014 it took the league nine weeks before we saw our first league owner fall.  In 2015 the league went on strike to fine tune some issues and wake up the commissioner.  Returning in 2016 it took seven weeks before our first league owner fell to defeat.  While the true test of your teams or teams in the degenerates league is surviving the bye weeks, for the first time we have an individual who will no longer have that concern.  Sadly for Cassity, the season is cut short prior to hitting October.  A team that looked like it could seriously contend for a title, especially once the news of Ezekiel Elliott playing a full season hit, things became derailed once David Johnson got hurt in week one and Cam Newton has seemingly lost that Superman “S” under his uniform.

Now we have seven owners that remain, six of which still have two teams to manage.  As mentioned, the true test is coming.  With bye weeks set to hit in week five, teams will be tested and league owner decisions will be scrutinized.  Let’s check out the final results of week three:

Score Recap:

  1. Ness Team 1 – 160.3
  2. T-Bone Team 1 – 141.5
  3. Ness Team 2 – 132.7
  4. GDoc Team 1 – 123.5
  5. T-Bone Team 2 – 117.6
  6. Stumpf Team 2 – 111.6
  7. GDoc Team 2 – 108.4
  8. Gross Jr Team 1 – 105.3
  9. Gross Sr Team 1 – 98.8
  10. Stumpf Team 1 – 95.7
  11. Gross Jr Team 2 – 92.5
  12. Cimorelli Team 2 – 84.8
  13. Gross Sr Team 2 – 72.1
  14. Cassity Team 1 – 64.2
  15. Cimorelli Team 1 – Eliminated
  16. Cassity Team 2 – Eliminated

A very high scoring competitive week as we saw 11 teams scoring over 90 points for the week.  Coming down to a two man race between Cassity and Gross Sr., while Zeke almost completed the comeback for Cassity, things fell just short.

Waiver Wire

Another very quiet week with the waiver wire.  There were literally only three bids for the week.  Each bid was on a different player and all placed by the commissioner, Gross Jr.  It will be interesting to track the waiver wire and see if things remain this quiet or if things start to pick back up, much like the week one explosion, once bye weeks begin.  Since it was such a quiet week, I will keep the breakdown short and sweet.

Blake Bortles:  Winning Bid – $3  Winner – Gross Jr

Jaguars D/ST:  Winning Bid – $3  Winner – Gross Jr

Alex Collins:  Winning Bid – $2  Winner – Gross Jr

Clearly Gross Jr. was blown away by the game in London last Sunday morning.

Week three in the books.  Sad to see Cassity leave but it just means the competition gets a little more heated as we eliminate contestants.