We finally got to the fun.  After three weeks of awkward scheduling and teams trying to figure out their teams and how to navigate forty point wins against FCS teams, we have made it to conference play.  While there was certainly plenty of excitement to be had in the first three weeks, now is when the real fun should take place as we will see tough conference battles week after week for the remaining seven weeks of our regular season.  Let’s check out how the week kicks off before the Saturday bonanza.


Temple (Rager) @ South Florida (Gross Jr) – 7:30 PM  ESPN

Arguably the worst Thursday Night Football game of the season will rear its ugly head tonight with the Rams taking on the 49ers.  Meanwhile there will be a gritty AAC contest taking place on ESPN against two teams that are considered to be at the top of the AAC heap this season.  No word yet from Rager on if he will make this play, but Gross Jr. will be rolling out South Florida for some Thursday night action.


Virginia (Rager) @ Boise State (Scott) – 8:00 PM  ESPN2

In one of the rare non-conference matchups of the week, Virginia will travel to the land of the Smurfs and take on Boise State, which still owns the most bizarre football field in college football.  Eastern Washington coming in a very close second.  Neither have revealed if they will take the action in this matchup.

Utah (Gross Sr)  @  Arizona (Gross Sr)

One would find it hard to believe that Gross Sr. will not have some sort of action in this PAC-12 matchup.  Owning both teams it will be interesting to see if he goes with the favorite traveling to its first PAC-12 game of the season or if he will take a chance on the high-powered offense of Rich Rodriguez.  Only time will tell.

A short one, but with only 3 games to kick our week off, what else is there to say?  Sit aside everything else important, Saturday is coming.  Jesus, what a cheesy Game of Thrones reference.