Then there were fourteen.  That is correct, another week another elimination.  While week one was a battle of who could survive their terrible team, week two scoring took place everywhere, our first tough survival week.  Let’s check out the score breakdown:

Score Recap:

1. Gross Jr Team 1 – 131.8

2. Stumpf Team 2 – 122.9

3. Gross Sr Team 2 – 113.9

4. Gross Jr Team 2 – 112

5. Stumpf Team 1 – 109.7

6. GDoc Team 2 – 104.5

7. Ness Team 2 – 102.7

8. Cassity Team 1 – 97.6

9. Gross Sr Team 1 – 96.4

10. T-Bone Team 1 – 91.4

11. Cimorelli Team 2 – 90.6

12. Ness Team 1 – 89.1

13. GDoc Team 1 – 87.4

14. T-Bone Team 2 – 63.5

15. Cimorelli Team 1 – 58.3

16. Cassity Team 2 – Eliminated Week 1

This week we saw thirteen teams go over the 85 point mark, whereas last week it was only ten.  While last week we saw five guys having to sweat out the last snap of the week, as you can see, this week it was really a two man race.  Neither T-Bone Team 2 or Cimorelli Team 1 had a stellar day roster wise, most of the rosters for both were rather disappointing.  Amazingly, the difference between the two came down to one thing….the Dolphins passing game.  Can you believe what I just said? Neither can I.  Yes, the difference here was between the two star receivers down in Miami.  While Parker had a quality day with 4 catches for 85 yards, Jay Cutler decided early on who his favorite receiver would be as Jarvis Landry ended up with 13 catches for 78 yards.  What a monster day in the world of PPR.  If those two stat lines were reversed, we would be saying goodbye to T-Bone.  The beauty of the degens league.

Waiver Wire Report

After a wild week one on the waiver wire, week two was very quiet in comparison.  Week one saw winning bids of $82, $52 and $35, the highest tally we saw for week two was $18.  So who was the big winner?

Jermaine Kearse:  Winning Bid – $18  Winner – Cassity Team 1

Clearly emerging as the top option for the hopeless Jets, could this be the steal of the waiver wire?  While in real life the Jets will be awful, Jermaine’s Kearse certainly may not face the same fate.  The Jets are guaranteed to be behind in just about every game they play this season, which means they will be throwing the football.  Well when you are the guy that leads in receptions, targets, routes and touchdowns amongst receivers that can only be good news.  The other good news for Cassity is he made the perfect bid at $18 dollars as the next closest bid was right on his heels at $15.  Nice pull Cas.

Other Bids:  Gross Jr $15, Ness $3, Cimorelli $2

Rashard Higgins:  Winning Bid – $6  Winner – Cimorelli Team 2

Unfortunately the waiver got real quiet after Kearse.  Not a single competing bid took place outside of Kearse.  Cim came in and grabbed Rashard Higgins to replace Corey Coleman, who Cim also had on his team.  At $6 it was a nice, realistic bid.  Honestly, I was surprised nobody else jumped in on the bidding as Higgins should start to see more production with Kizer improving and Coleman being sidelined.

Other Bids:  None

Steelers D/SPT:  Winning Bid – $3  Winner – Ness Team 1

A simple defense pick up so there is not much to say about the transaction.  Even though it was only $3 that seems like a large bid considering most defensive adjustments on the fantasy squad go for a dollar or two at most.  Curious to see if something like that will haunt Ness in the long run if he starts to run on the short end of his FAB.

Other Bids: None

Ben Watson:  Winning Bid – $2  Winner – Gross Jr Team 1

After a quiet passing attack from the Ravens in week one, the Ravens showed more of their plan in week two.  One thing Joe Flacco has always done has been throwing to his safety blanket, the tight end.  Watson seemingly has emerged as the leader of a sub par group of tight ends thus far, so if this continues at $2 this could be a major steal for Gross Jr.

Other Bids:  None

Week Two is in the books, who will survive week three??