Six of us end up happy and six of us end up frustrated looking for answers.  That is the story of every fantasy week.  Luckily, for the six of us disappointed, it is only week one.  In all honesty, this week was ugly.  Very ugly.  While 100 points is the norm of an, at best, decent week, we only saw four team owners hit 100 points or over in week one.  Let’s talk about what happened:

Gross Jr.  v  Rohde

This game started ugly and never got better.  Gross started behind the eight ball, losing some of his best players in Mike Evans, Jay Ajayi and DeSean Jackson.  In went Kevin White, Derrick Henry and luckily Ezekiel Elliott was granted the right to play temporarily.  The first two names define exactly how Gross’ week went, a big dud.  While he took the loss, Rohde’s week may have felt more painful.  Even though Rohde came out on the winning end of things, David Johnson went down and the rumor is he will be out until Christmas time.  Both will look for a better week two.

Gross Jr. – 70.7  v  Rohde – 88.7

Gross Sr.  v  Mitt

Since we are talking about ugly, we will talk about the game between Gross Sr. and Mitt.  Each guy had some nice performances.  Gross Sr. saw double digits from Matty Ice, Devonta Freeman and old reliable, Larry Fitzgerald.  However, there was major disappointment in guys who scored less than three points a piece, Mike Wallace, Greg Olsen and Kenny Britt.  Getting Jarvis Landry back this week should definitely upgrade this receiving core.  On the other side of the ball Mitt was able to cheer for performers like Melvin Gordon, Brandin Cooks and DeAndre Hopkins.  Unfortunately, he had to suffer through performances from Andy Dalton, Rob Kelley, T.Y. Hilton and Jimmy Graham.  While most of this squad should bounce back, there has to be a major concern for quarterback play as Andy Dalton is the front runner while Mitt waits for Andrew Luck to start playing football again.

Gross Sr. – 70.8  v  Mitt – 63.2

Ryan Smith  v  Alex Smith

The battle of the Smiths’.  As you look through this matchup, both guys have to feel the same way about their performances….there were guys that were exceptional and played well and there were a couple of guys that let me down.  There was one significant difference in this matchup and that was Ry Smith getting his week started with Kareem Hunt.  After fumbling on his first NFL carry, Hunt turned it around to score three touchdowns and forty-seven fantasy points.  Both should be feeling pretty positive about what happened in their week, a few tweaks and each could take off into major success.

Ryan Smith – 120.6  v  Alex Smith – 88.9

Stumpf  v  Wells

A face off between new dad and soon to be new dad.  Much like a lot of our match-ups this week, this one was a bit disappointing.  Stumpf was definitely the more consistent of the two, having five guys score in double digits, while Wells only had three guys pinnacle the double digits, one being his kicker.  Position players actually stayed relatively close in this one, Wells won the quarterback battle, Stumpf had a major win with the running backs and Wells came back and took the receivers.  The one major difference in this match was the defense amazingly enough.  Wells’ Vikings defense looked fantastic in actual real game scenario, which earned him one fantasy point.  Meanwhile, Stumpf’s Eagles defense looked decent, lost a starting corner and wound up with twenty-two points.  This stuff cannot be made up.

Stumpf – 98.2  v  Wells – 76.6

Tagye  v  Ryan Scott

Breaking down the box score, this game was closer than the final score.  Quarterback play was a comfortable win for Tagye with Aaron Rodgers as he navigated the tough Seahawks defense.  On a side note, someone will still have to explain to me why Jeremy Lane got booted from that game.  Running backs were a strong showing for both as each of their starting backs scored double digits.  The flex spot was more than disappointing for both and where Tagye separated himself, much like Ryan Smith, was on opening night when Tyreek Hill exploded for a long one and earned Tagye twenty-seven fantasy points.  Another big separation was Tagye’s kicking and defensive duo scoring a combined twenty while Ryan Scott’s scored six.  I bet next season people would like to have the chance to vote for no kickers or defenses or maybe having a shorter draft due to the way things have gone thus far.  If only a couple of guys would have suggested it before we got started.  Darn.

Tagye – 107  v Ryan Scott – 83.3

Ness  v  Dan

As some have deemed it, a battle between two losers.  A loser certainly won.  Ness’ team performed well, all but two players score in double digits.  My thought tells me this will probably be his last time as high scorer so he better enjoy the moment.  Dan had a decent week, his biggest play was picking up a defense an hour before kickoff that scored him 28 points.  If it were not for that Rams performance on the defensive side of the ball, Dan would have been under 100 for the week.  Hopefully for Dan he can continue to make moves like that, leading him to a few wins.

Ness – 125.6  v  Dan – 111.4

Alright, there is the recap, good luck to everyone in week two, expect some more articles soon.