Week One is in the books and unfortunately someone had to depart.  That someone happened to be one of Cassity’s squads.  For those not in the know, welcome to the degenerates league, where we play fantasy football with a twist.  Since there will, most likely, be only one person that reads this that is not in the degenerates league, degens for short, I will provide a quick breakdown.  The degens league is comprised of eight individuals who each draft two rosters, so 16 teams in competition.  Rather than face one opponent head to head every week, you face every opponent week to week.  Lowest score at the end of each week gets the boot.  Got it? Good.  Now to recap what happened in week one.

Score Recap:

  1. Ness Team 1 – 159.1
  2. GDoc Team 1 – 143.7
  3. Cimorelli Team 1 – 101.5
  4. GDoc Team 2 – 101.1
  5. Stumpf Team 2 – 100.4
  6. Stumpf Team 1 – 98.8
  7. Gross Jr Team 1 – 97.3
  8. Gross Jr Team 2 – 93.5
  9. Cimorelli Team 2 – 93.5
  10. Ness Team 2 – 88.8
  11. TBone Team 2 – 83.5
  12. TBone Team 1 – 79.7
  13. Cassity Team 1 – 77.1
  14. Gross Sr Team 1 – 63.7
  15. Gross Sr Team 2 – 58.5
  16. Cassity Team 2 – 57.5

Gross Sr and Cassity duked it out to see who would survive right until the end.  Unfortunately for Cassity he came up one point short to be our first elimination for the season.  The killer to send him home was the horrid performance by Andy Dalton and the beautiful performance by the Ravens defense, scoring Andy Dalton an impressive negative 2.2 points.  You read that correctly, in essence, if Cass would have left his quarterback spot blank, Cassity Team 2 would be advancing to next week.  You cannot make this stuff up.  We are on to week two, which kicks off tonight with those same Bengals hosting the Texans.

Waiver Wire Report

Wow!  There were significant moves made on the week one waiver wire.  Again for those not in the know, in the degens league we start with a Free Agent Budget, or FAB as many like to call it, with 100 dollars.  Let’s take a look at what happened:

Tarik Cohen:  Winning Bid – $82  Winner – Cimorelli Team 2

Cim went for broke on this waiver transaction.  The beauty part of the move is that this is an elimination league, so why not use your budget before you get eliminated right?  Granted, the hope for Cim will be that he is stuck with only 18 more dollars to spend for the next fourteen weeks, but if he does get eliminated at least he can say he went for the home run.

Other Bids:  Gross Sr. $35, Ness $27, Gross Jr. $10

Andre Ellington:  Winning Bid – $52  Winner – Cimorelli Team 1

Again, Cim went for a home run.  However, this one has to sting more due to the fact that nobody else made a waiver play at Ellington.  Basically, if Cim wanted to have Ellington for a dollar he could have been rewarded as such.  Now, while Cimorelli ends up with the man he wanted, he is down to 48 dollars in his remaining FAB, tough.

Other Bids:  None

Javorius “Buck” Allen:  Winning Bid – $35  Winner – Gross Sr Team 1

This is an interesting waiver.  There were three attempted claims on Buck Allen and the win went to Gross Sr.  The Ravens game saw Danny Woodhead go down after the first drive, leaving Terrance West and Buck Allen to carry the load for the remainder of the day.  While game flow, I think, had a lot to do with volume, Buck Allen did lead the team in carries with 21.  Going forward, it will be interesting to see the game plans the Ravens roll out each week and how they use these two backs.  Too early to tell if this is a good waiver claim or a bad one.

Other Bids:  GDoc $14,  Ness $10

Allen Hurns:  Winning Bid – $10  Winner – Gross Sr. Team 1

When you have 16 teams with 16 roster spots, the waiver wire gets very bleak unless you see a significant injury, even then most handcuffs are already gone.  While this was a small play at ten dollars, after an Allen Robinson ACL tear, this pickup is a nice one because there will be targets to go around in Jacksonville now.  We will see if it turns into something significant.

Other Bids:  GDoc $2

Chris Johnson:  Winning Bid – $2  Winner – Ness Team 1

Could this be the steal of the waiver wire?  Right now, I would say probably not, but the Arizona Cardinals backfield is both a mess and a mystery after a significant injury to David Johnson.  It is intriguing that the first thing the Cardinals did after the injury was re-sign Chris Johnson.  One would think if they were completely comfortable with what they had in house that they would not have to be so quick to re-sign him.  Curious to see how this one pans out.

Other Bids:  None

There you go, week one in the books.  Who will go down in week two?