Well, week two is complete and much like week one, there was some fantastic action to watch.  The biggest story of the night however, was the Sooners of Oklahoma storming into Buckeye country and making the hype of Lincoln Riley look like the standard.  Quietly though we saw impressive performances from the likes of USC, Georgia, Louisville, TCU and Clemson.  Let’s see what happened in the league:

Cimorelli  v  T-Bone

While on a much larger scale, Hurricane Irma impacted and devastated several people over the weekend, it also had a much smaller impact on the lives of our, much more trivial, fantasy league.  A tough week for T-Bone is an understatement.  Having to sit Florida State, Florida and UCF due the appropriate cancellation of their weekend games, this left T-Bone having to start four teams that faced off against one another.  On top of that the crushing final blow was having Georgia Southern cost him five point in an FCS loss to New Hampshire.

On the other side of the coin was Cimorelli and his solid week.  What was highlighted by the above mentioned marquee Oklahoma win, Cim picked up a very nice win with Duke surprising Northwestern.  The rest of the lineup did exactly what they needed to do to win the week and that was simply to pick up some simple one and two point wins.

Cimorelli – 21  v  T-Bone – 5

Next week Cim heads off to face the winless Ryan Smith and T-Bone squares up against one of the two undefeated squads in Gross Sr.


Gross Sr  v  AY

This one turned out to be the ugly matchup of the week.  Between the two they lost 55 percent of their games, which resulted in some tough scores.  While it was ugly, hat goes off to both guys who threw some high profile games into their lineups, the risk/reward was high this week and unfortunately just did not give much payoff.  AY took the brunt of it losing tough ones with Arkansas, Notre Dame, Stanford and BYU.  Those games end up in AY’s favor and we are talking about a 25 point week, not a 5 point week.

Gross Sr. did not fare much better, however picked up two nice wins that saved the week and earned him the win for the week.  While Ohio State dropped the ball for Gross Sr, both Louisville and Utah went on the road and handled business, picking up 11 out of the 19 points he scored for the week.  Lamar Jackson looked like the real deal and that Clemson showdown this week should be a fun one to check out.

Gross Sr – 19  v  AY – 5

AY is headed off to square up against Rager next week to see if he can notch the first win in his belt.  As previously mentioned, Gross Sr. will be headed to take on T-Bone and see if he can keep his win streak alive.


Ryan Smith  v  Gross Jr

This was arguably the most exciting matchup of the week, which is stupid for me to say considering I am writing this, but it carries weight nonetheless.  This matchup literally came down to the results of the night caps.  A solid day for Ryan Smith was highlighted by Washington State showing up and beating a quality Boise State team and making us all wonder if there is something to this Mike Leach team this year.  On a side note, the interviews with Leach just keep getting weirder and weirder.  Along with the state win was a nice win by Houston traveling to a Pac-12 school and picking up a solid four points.  The game that hurt Smith the most was Auburn falling a touch short which could have notched a nice seven points and a potential tie ball game against Gross Jr.

However, Gross Jr had some schools that went out and got the job done.  Georgia rolled into South Bend and showed that their defense is legit and their freshman quarterback has the ability to be the next star of college football.  Along with the six points there, Gross picked up an additional six points with an SEC win on the road and then five points with a sneaky Oregon team that could make some noise as the season progresses.

Ryan Smith – 20  v  Gross Jr – 27

Ryan Smith is off to battle with Cimorelli in week three, while Gross Jr. has to go up against, what so far, has been the juggernaut that is Scott.


Scott  v  Rager

Here is one thing we have found out as a result of the past two weeks…Scott has figured this game out early on.  After 29 points in week one, Scott followed that up with 37 points in week two, unreal.  Scott won nine of his matchups, picking up four points or more in six of those nine wins.

Rager also put together a very nice week, unfortunate for him he just went up against a stacked lineup.  Two games that did hurt however, and probably were expected to be wins, were the losses by Northwestern and Western Michigan which cost him around six to eight points roughly.  Two wins there and Scott’s USC team taking a loss and we would be having a completely different conversation.

Scott – 37  v  Rager – 23

Next up, Scott is going up against Gross Jr and Rager will be squaring off against AY.

There it is, week two in the books.  Crazy enough but as we work our way into week three it will be time to start taking a little closer look into those standings as it is only a ten week regular season that will be over before you blink.