What a slow start to the week.  While we originally had four games slated to count during the week, unfortunately Hurricane Irma had a different idea as the Memphis/UCF game was postponed.  We hope that everyone remains safe as they brace for the storm.

On a more positive note, there were three games that actually took place.


Thursday evening, one college football game was played while the world was focused on the kickoff of the NFL.  While the Chiefs were busy stunning the Patriots in supreme fashion, Utah State quietly demolished the FCS team, Idaho State.  The result picked up two points for Ryan Smith.


Last night we doubled our results.  The night started with Oklahoma State looking like the real deal and laying the wood to South Alabama.  There are two things I know about these Cowboys, both that offense and Mike Gundy’s mullet are the truth.  The result picked up a solo point for Cimorelli and got his week started off on the right foot.

The other contest saw Purdue host a scrappy Ohio team.  The game was televised on FS1 and while there was an early back and forth as the game wore on Purdue completely took over.  The win notched three points for Gross Jr and sprung him to a very early lead.

While I was watching the Purdue game last night, one thing that blew my mind was the transformation that Jeff Brohm has come in and made to that program so quickly.  Mark my words, this is the next coach to watch out for, whether it be at Purdue or not, this guy will be coaching a top five program within five years.  This got me thinking of a new segment that I think would be incredible for the league is “who to watch.”  As I am a somewhat new fan to college football, this pool completely spurring that, I thought it would be awesome to share every week one team I think you should tune in and watch.  The great part about this is I expect others to share, who are you watching and why?

To backtrack, in week one I was blown away by Indiana.  Their offense was incredibly fun to watch.  They ran play after play after play and never slowed down.  In fact, I think one thing that cost them in that game is that they kept the defense on the field too long against a dominant Ohio State team.  If they would have slowed the offense down a bit in the second half, I think that game is still a loss but way more competitive.  Regardless, if this is how they plan to run the offense the entire season, give them a look, they are fun.

Week Two my mind has already been made up for me.  Staying in the Big Ten, Purdue will be a team to watch this year, absolutely.  Granted they were only playing Ohio last night, but that offense is special.  They have two quarterbacks that can both sling it and a coach with a belly full of fire that knows exactly what he is doing.  Trick plays, throws down the field, great formation, you want to watch Purdue.  In doing a little research I actually found out that head coach Jeff Brohm actually played in the XFL!  How the hell would you not want to watch a team coached by an XFL-er.  Watch them, it is worth the time.

So, if you got any teams that have excited you in the first two weeks, feel free to share!  67 FBS games taking place today, a ton of fun is fully expected with the piece de resistance being Oklahoma-Ohio State.  Enjoy the day, once T-Bone submits his picks the spreadsheet will be out.  Good luck!