The chaos has come to a close from week one of the college fantasy football season, so like most 0-1 losers, I am ready to move into week two.  Week two is set up to push aside the quirky scheduling that we saw in week one and bring us some quality, high octane matchups in week two.  Sadly, we have to wait until Saturday to get to said matchups, but let’s take a look at what happens in the next two days.

Cimorelli  v  T-Bone

The small weekday slate of week two has led most to hold off on submitting lineups to this point, however, Cimorelli has graced us with a couple of early picks.


Memphis @ UCF – Friday, 6:30 PM  ESPNU

Oklahoma State @ South Alabama – Friday, 8:00 PM  ESPN2


With a deadline of Saturday at noon to submit a lineup, T-Bone will study the matchups and submit later.  T-Bone does have two potential plays on Friday.  He could go head to head against Cimorelli with UCF and/or go with Florida International hosting an FCS school.


Gross Sr  v  AY

Very little to see here as neither individual has the option to submit a team until Saturday.  We will wait until the weekend to get this matchup started.


Ryan Smith  v  Gross Jr

In a battle of the undefeated squads, both Ryan Smith and Gross Jr will make a play before the rest of their games start on Saturday.

Ryan Smith

Utah State v Idaho State – Thursday, 8:00 PM  Not Televised

Gross Jr

Purdue v Ohio – Friday, 8:00 PM  FS1


Scott  v  Rager

Once again, a very quiet start of the week for both Scott and Rager.  In fact, there is only one potential game to be had at the start of the week and that is for Scott if he would like to go for broke and take South Alabama to upset Oklahoma State, seems unlikely.

There is the start of your week.  Sorry it is a short one, but there is just not much going on in the next 48 hours.  Saturday should be a bonanza.  Get your lineups in!