Simply put, that was an amazing first week of college football.  The excitement started on Thursday and did not wrap up until the brink of Tuesday morning.  In fact the last play of the college football week saw Tennessee’s defense stuff a game winning two point conversion attempt from Georgia Tech.  The entire week brought us excitement from start to finish.  Now that the results are in and the dust has settled, let’s see who will end up happy with their week.

Gross Sr  v  Cimorelli

This matchup was a tight one, 17 wins between the two.  Gross Sr started off strong with an Ohio State win on Thursday night and never slowed down.  On top of the six points that the Buckeyes earned him, the Tigers of LSU earned him a nice four points against a scrappy BYU squad.  On the other hand Cimorelli had a good week, winning eight matches.  However, the majority of the wins game from FCS school, not earning him the points needed to notch a win.  Two of his bigger plays and favorites in their games, saw Texas drop the ball in Tom Herman’s debut as they lost 51-41 to the Terps and then Cal came across the country to play North Carolina and the Tar Heels were not up to the task.  These two were the difference in the week.

Result: Gross Sr – 22  v  Cimorelli – 17

Next week Gross Sr will head off to face AY and Cimorelli will be taking on T-Bone.


Gross Jr  v  Rager

This was one of our most unique match-ups of the week.  While Gross Jr hit eight games, the quality of his wins were not strong enough, much like Cimorelli, hitting mainly on FCS wins.  The two biggest games costing Gross Jr came from picking the wrong winner in the N.C. State v South Carolina game while the Gamecocks sat on his bench and then Georgia Tech doing everything in their power to throw away their game against the Volunteers.  Disclaimer: I would love to piss and moan about the Georgia Tech game but I will spare everyone my bitterness.  On the other hand Rager won six games, but hit two huge games when he took a chance on Cal heading to the east coast to beat the Tar Heels and then Virginia Tech winning one of the prime time show downs on Sunday night as Virginia Tech looked good coming out and taking care of business against West Virginia.

Results: Gross Jr – 18  v  Rager – 20

Next week Gross Jr will try to get into the win column against Ryan Smith while Rager will go up against Scott in a battle of two undefeated teams.


Ryan Smith  v  Scott

While Ryan Smith put up a decent week it was no match to the Scott train that came rolling through.  Ryan had some very nice wins with the Terps in an upset, Alabama showing up big against Florida St and Kentucky had a solid week one road win.  However, Ry Smith was also a part of the biggest Vegas upset in FBS history as the 45 point underdog Howard stunned UNLV costing Smith five points.  Even had that had not happened, Scott pulled out all the stops.  Big wins from Michigan, USC and Boise State led the way to a 29 point week for Scott.

Result: Ryan Smith – 18  v  Scott – 29


AY  v  T-Bone

By far the most bizarre and entertaining face off of the week.  Here is what we saw in this one: T-Bone getting his lineup in 15 minutes prior to kickoffs, AY losing three games including Baylor losing to and FCS team and costing him five points, T-Bone losing four games and then AY hitting on one of the biggest college football comebacks of all time as UCLA stormed back from 34 to beat Texas A&M.  Unbelievable!  How did it all end up?  A tie!  That is right, a 14-14 tie.  Amazing!  If you are AY are you upset? Relieved? I have no idea.  If you are T-Bone, how do you feel?  This was a wild one and exactly why I love the start of this pool.

Result: AY – 14  v  T-Bone – 14

Week one is in the books.  Time to move onto week two.