Last night’s college football was much like the salad at a wedding.  You take it because it is there but you are sitting there waiting for the main course.  While we had some exciting first halves in the Washington and Wisconsin games, both teams took complete control of their second halves.  In fact the most exciting game looked to be the barn burner in the Boston College/Northern Illinois matchup that picked up a nice three points for Rager.  What came down to a game tying field goal, Northern Illinois came up short as the ball hit the crossbar!  As Maximus once asked us, “Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?”

*Editor’s Note:  There are 60 games on today, yes 60, I counted them like a loser.  While I thoroughly enjoy breaking down when and where you can find games, I am simply not going to do that for 60 games.  Check out ESPN, it gives you a great breakdown.

What we will do is go through the updated scoring:

Gross Sr  v  Cimorelli

After a raucous first night between these two, things quieted down last evening.  With only one matchup on the board, Gross Sr picked up a small one point victory with Eastern Michigan defeating Charlotte 24-7.  Today we will see Gross Sr’s remaining six teams face off against Cimorelli’s final seven.  This one is going to come down to the wire as Gross Sr has a small lead heading into Saturday.

Gross Sr -10  v  Cimorelli – 8

Gross Jr  v  Rager

After a rough first night for Rager, the ball just not bouncing his way, the tides turned last night with a Boston College win.  With 31 seconds left and a 39 yard field goal that looked like it would send things to overtime, Christian Hagan missed his opportunity to play temporary hero as he hit the crossbar.  Boston College escaped and gave Rager a nice three point boost.  On the other side, while it was a win, Washington looked rather unimpressive in the first half before finally waking out of their slumber to give Gross Jr a decent two point victory.  Today, Rager will try and hold off his lead with his remaining six squads as Gross Jr will look to storm back with nine team in play.

Gross Jr – 2  v  Rager – 5

Ryan Smith  v  Scott

Ryan Smith jumped into action last night as he had Syracuse come out and pick him up two points for a dominate effort over Central Connecticut.  In his other matchup, looking to take advantage of a big five spot hanging in the balance, Colorado State came up short for Smith leaving him with a zero.  On the other hand Scott took Friday night off to relax and prepare for today.  There should be plenty of action in this one for both guys as each still have eight teams to watch today.  Scott will look to protect a slim lead.

Ryan Smith – 2  v  Scott – 4

AY  v  T-Bone

Last night AY got to watch his top draft choice of Wisconsin come out and make a statement.  While they got off to a rather slow start in the first half, the word dominate does not do justice to what they did to Utah State in the second half.  On the other hand it had to be disappointing to see Lane Kiffin make his debut with Florida Atlantic by losing 42-19 to Navy.  On the other side of things, from the shadows came a man, a myth, some may even call him a legend.  That is correct, T-Bone came out with his first play, inserting Colorado into his starting lineup and picking up a nice four points as a result.  Very curious to see where this one goes as AY has seven teams still in play and T-Bone waits to submit his last nine plays for the weekend.  A tight affair with curiosity involved.

AY – 3  v  T-Bone – 4

There it is gentlemen, enjoy the feast of college football that is gracing us today.