Wow, what a start.  If college football needed a spark, which it does not, it still received one.  The atmosphere in Bloomington was electric last night.  What can only be imagined as the most anticipated football game in some odd thirty years at Memorial Stadium, the game lived up to the anticipation.  For two and a half quarters Indiana gave Ohio State everything they could handle until J.T. Barrett and company showed exactly why polls had them as the second best team in the nation.  Indiana got started at a pace that would make the Oregon Ducks blush and it rattled the Buckeyes early.  As the game and the crowd began to settle, Ohio State showed their pure athleticism and speed as they broke a few long receiving touchdowns and had a true freshman running back, J.K. Dobbins, looking like a modern day Archie Griffin.  While the score ended up being 49-21 in favor of Ohio State, this game was far from a blowout.  Look for both teams to make some noise this season.

Oh yeah, there was other football taking place last night.  While it was mostly a quiet night, we did see some exciting action around the country.  Georgia State decided to lose to an FCS school in Tennessee State, Central Michigan attempted to flirt with that same fate as they went into triple overtime with Rhode Island and Mason Rudolph made a very early Heisman statement as Oklahoma State blew the doors off of Tulsa.

What does this mean for the NCAA Fantasy league (by the way we need a better league name)?  Let’s jump into it:

Gross Sr  v  Cimorelli

These two started off with a bang! While Cimorelli averted a complete disaster and avoided a 5 point loss with Central Michigan, both picked up three nice wins.  Gross Sr. takes a very slim early lead, this one could come down to a late night Saturday for these two.

Gross Sr – 9  v  Cimorelli – 8

Gross Jr  v  Rager

While Gross Jr just sat on his chubby ass with no teams competing, it was still a solid night for the Grossnickle crew.  Gross Sr. picked up a solid six points with the Ohio State win while Gross Jr. avoided having Rager drop a nine spot on him with a potential Indiana upset.  It was certainly dicey at first.  Rager was the only other guy with three teams in competition and just missed another big win while Buffalo just missed an upset on Minnesota.  Rager takes a small lead but it cannot feel that way at the moment.

Gross Jr – 0  v  Rager – 2

Ryan Smith  v  Scott

While it was a rather quiet night in this matchup, it was a productive night for Scott.  Ryan Smith also decided to take the evening off and spectate while Scott had two smaller plays against FCS schools, both coming up successful.  Scott with a lead but a lot of play in this matchup remains.

Ryan Smith – 0  v  Scott – 4

AY  v  T-Bone

The quietest matchup in night one, unfortunately there is not much to see here.  AY notched a small FCS win and T-Bone still kept his cards close to the vest as he waited to roll out his starting lineup for this weekend.  AY leads it but there is still a lot of ball left.

AY – 2  v  T-Bone – 0

While we saw 15 night one matchups, that number gets cut in half as we have a quiet eight games on the board tonight.  Here is what you need to watch:

Gross Sr  v  Cimorelli

Gross Sr

Eastern Michigan v Charlotte – 6:30 PM  ESPN3


Takes the night off.


Gross Jr  v  Rager

Gross Jr

Washington @ Rutgers – 8:00 PM  FS1


Boston College @ Northern Illinois – 9:30 PM  CBS Sports Network


Ryan Smith  v  Scott

Ryan Smith

Syracuse v Central Connecticut (FCS) – 7:00 PM  ACC/ESPN Network

Colorado State v Colorado – 8:00 PM  PAC 12 Network


Reverses roles with Ryan Smith this evening and plays spectator.


AY  v  T-Bone


Wisconsin v Utah State – 9:00 PM  ESPN

Florida Atlantic v Navy – 8:00 PM  ESPNU


Keeps up with the kayfabe as our mystery man.  His only potential matchup this evening is taking Colorado against Colorado State.

Enjoy night number two fellas!