The most wonderful time of the year!  That is correct.  Not only are the Orioles making a late dash towards the postseason, but for our league members outside of Baltimore, football is back in full effect.  Your Sunday afternoons will now be full of fandom glee and heartbreak, as well as the destruction or glory of your fantasy football team.  But wait, what about Saturday’s?  Well this season we now have reason to be giddy.  The NCAA season truly gets started tonight, even though there was a small run of five games last Saturday, which means our fantasy league gets started!

For those not in this league who decided to read this, let me provide a brief description.  I am an avid sports fan, however, one sport that seems to consistently escape my interest until their playoffs…..NCAA Football.  How does one change this?  You start your own fantasy league.  Rather than draft the some odd 9,000 potential players, we decided to draft teams.  From there I created a whacky scoring system in which teams will be reward points for things such as; playing tougher teams, winning on the road, upsetting a nationally ranked team and pulling off a conference win.  There were seven brave souls that decided to make this leap of faith with myself and we all “drafted” 16 teams.  Each week, we are all expected to start 10 teams and go head to head with one of our league companions.  Highest score wins and eventually gets you into the playoffs.

Now onto the fun stuff.  Tonight kicks off the first of five nights of college football fun!  Kick that fourth NFL pre-season football game to the side, we got business to handle!

Week 1 – Thursday Night

Tonight we have a slate of 15 games and amazingly enough, it is already important for some of the league members.  The premier matchup tonight will be second ranked Ohio State traveling to Indiana for a Big Ten matchup that will be shown on ESPN at 8 P.M.

Gross Sr  v  Cimorelli

Way to kick the league off with a bang gentlemen!  Each guy has three teams going so both will have plenty to watch.

Gross Sr

Ohio St @ Indiana – 8 PM ESPN

Utah v North Dakota (FCS) – 7:30 PM PAC 12 Network

Arizona State v New Mexico State – for the brave or retired 10:30 PM PAC 12 Network


Oklahoma State v Tulsa – 7:30 PM FS1

Memphis v Louisiana-Monroe – 9:00 PM CBS Sports Network

Central Michigan v Rhode Island (FCS) – 7:00 PM ESPN3


Gross Jr  v  Rager

Rager is also going for broke on night one whereas the guy that created the league has nothing to root for on night one like a loser.

Gross Jr

Will wait for the weekend to have his fun


Buffalo @ Minnesota – 7:00 PM Big Ten Network

Indiana v Ohio State – 8:00 PM ESPN

Idaho v Sacramento State (FCS) – 9:00 PM ESPN3


Ryan Smith  v  Scott

A somewhat quiet night in this matchup as we see Scott face off against a couple of FCS schools and Ryan Smith sit tonight out.

Ryan Smith

Smith will wait to try to capture a week one victory later in the week.


Toledo v Elon (FCS) – 7:00 PM ESPN3

Wake Forest v Presbyterian College – 6:30 PM ACC/ESPN Network


AY  v  T-Bone

In our last matchup we see our quietest.  AY is only showing off one school tonight, while T-Bone, much like Mike Myers, remains an international man of mystery.


Arkansas v Florida A&M (FCS) – 8:00 PM SEC Network




There we go boys, enjoy night one!