We have reached the pinnacle.  Football is back.  Granted, there is not much to get excited about as tonight is only the start of preseason football.  Tonight’s Hall of Fame game will feature the Cardinals taking on the Cowboys, in what should be about three snaps for all starters involved, if they even play.  But we are not here to talk about that, we are here to talk about what we missed last night.  Unfortunately, once again, outside of baseball you did not miss much.  Let’s get into it:

The Orioles

  • I have a brother who is eleven years my elder.  When I was a kid, making Christopher a teenager, Christmas morning was brutal.  It was brutal because Christopher was a sleeper back then, like most teenagers.  Majority of weekend’s Christopher’s woke up around 11 A.M.  On Christmas mornings, this simply did not work for young Steven.  Christmas mornings for young Steve started around 5:45 in the morning.  One thing my parents insisted on, as they should have, was that the family opened presents together.  Let me tell you, the hours between 5:45 A.M. and usually 9 A.M., because let’s face it, my parents listening to me bitch about Christopher sleeping was never going to make it to 11.  Those were some of the most painstaking hours of my life.  That is exactly what the past five days felt like waiting to see Jeremy Hellickson pitch in an Orioles uniform.


  • Finally we got to unwrap the present that was Jeremy Hellickson.  Throwing seven shutout innings, Hellickson showed why I liked this trade so much five days ago.  What he lacks in a power fastball, he certainly makes up with pitching I.Q.  Hellickson threw 2.2 IP before the clouds opened up and gave us a 20 minute power rain delay.  Of course, the worry was if Hellickson would come back out and pitch.  Obviously he did and he looked great.  Changing up pitches, throwing off speed pitches in fastball counts, throwing strikes! Oh man, was it great!  If we are going to make a real run at this thing, I think Hellickson will be a key piece of the puzzle.


  • The offense got started by the other new face in the crowd Tim Beckham.  Like I wrote yesterday, the guy just looks comfortable in that Orioles lineup, it has been fun to watch him swing the bat.  However, I will note that I am not a huge fan of his in the field.  He does not look like a true shortstop to me, which will make for some tough choices as to where he goes with the future of this organization if that does not improve.  After Beckham got it started, Caleb Joseph followed up with a nice two run blast into left field.  It is really nice to see Joseph bounce back at the plate.  Now hitting .296 with 6 homers and 22 runs batted in, he can be my clubs backup catcher any time.


  • The Orioles added three more runs in the ninth to wrap up a 6-0 victory and series sweep over the Kansas City Royals.  While the sweep was great and put some life back into the club, unfortunately it did not do too much in the standings.  The O’s still sit 5.5 games back of the division but they are down to 2.5 games behind the second wild card spot.  Ideally, if we are stuck in the wild card game, we would like it to be at home, but we are currently 4.5 games back of that dream.


Couple of quick notes about HOTH (Home of the Homers).  This weekend we are going to try and get a facelift on this thing.  Hopefully it will start to look much better.  Also, we will be starting a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, all the good stuff!  Please feel free to like our pages, join in on the conversations and share with your friends!  We are going to try and get some cool articles coming to you shortly so be on the lookout for……

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Thanks Everyone!!